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Tri-City Transitions Society

Tri-City Transitions Society, a registered charity, was founded in 1975 to serve the Tri-City communities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore and Belcarra, and ever since we have been providing emergency shelter and social support for women and children fleeing family violence and abuse.

Tri-City Transitions supports all individuals who have experienced domestic violence and offers women and children a safe, secure place to rest, rejuvenate and rebuild their lives.

In addition, Tri-City Transitions provides programs that help families pursue peaceful lives. These programs include counselling and educational opportunities to empower women and children as well as men who want to escape the cycle of violence.

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Vision & Mission


A diverse and equal society to ensure domestic peace.


To promote the safety, resiliency, and integrity of women, men, children, youth and families through the development of respectful relationships by providing a range of services, advocacy and public education for the community.

Core Values & Guiding Philosophy

Forward-looking & Visionary

  • We are innovative and courageously driven to continually challenge ourselves and anticipate the changing needs of the community to provide client-centred services.
  • We value curiosity and dedication as key players to identify what is needed to shape our services going forward proactively.
  • We value a culture that promotes continual learning and professionalism


  • We clearly define and deliver our service and accurately measure our outcomes and impacts.
  • We recognize and take ownership of the consequences of our decisions and actions.
  • We value a community that cultivates a richness in diversity and holds a high standard of service excellence.


  • We lead with commitment and compassion to build and foster trust, respect, transparency and collaboration.
  • We embrace ethical, professional and honest practices in our governance, community relations and service provision.
  • We place high value on our clients’ safety, confidentiality and autonomy.

Equality & Inclusivity

  • We foster a culture that challenges biases and strives to eliminate systemic inequities.
  • We provide equitable opportunities, and value individual experiences by embracing contributions and participation.
  • We continually educate ourselves to increase our awareness of inclusivity and understanding of others.


  • We believe the resiliency of families is the cornerstone of domestic peace.
  • We support each individual’s courage to self-governance as demonstrated through choices based on each individual’s own empowerment, experience, knowledge and mindset.
  • We believe each individual is their own best resource, guided by their existing strengths, assets and lived experiences, resulting in being the expert in their life.
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Working with leaders in the field of intimate partner violence, Tri-City Transitions has developed a unique method of supporting women, children and teens who have experienced violence. Our goal is to increase their resilience and help them acquire the tools they need to change their lives.

We believe in fostering hope and providing client-centred and -directed support. Through our provision of programs and workshops, as well as our emergency shelter, we serve more than 1,500 Tri-City families each year.

Our philosophy is that power and control are at the heart of abuse, and we endeavour to provide women, children, teens and men with the knowledge and tools they need to take back power and control in their own lives.

We believe in lifelong learning, program evaluation and adaptation to meet our continually evolving community’s needs.

We appreciate your support to help us carry on providing essential services to women, children, teens and men affected by intimate partner violence. By providing the skills and tools to enhance people’s resilience, we are working to provide a diverse and equal society free of abuse.

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Our Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is a diverse and skilled group of women and men focused on women’s issues including cultivating hope for women impacted by violence.

Marilyn Craig


Marilyn Craig is a retired lawyer with a strong commitment to community. She has been on the board for 3 years and is currently Chair.

Sherry Stir


Sherry Shir is a lawyer who is practicing Labour, Employment, and Human Rights Law at a law firm located in the Tri-Cities community for the past 8 years. She has been with the Board for the past 4 years, as a general member, Chair and currently Treasurer.

Deanna Kayne

Vice Chair

Deanna Kayne is the Executive Director of PoMoArts and has a master’s in public administration with a research focus on the health needs of pregnant women in transition housing in British Columbia. She brings a wealth of experience and passion for community engagement, management, and housing. Deanna is Vice Chair on our board.

Mark Williams

Director at Large

Mark Williams is a local health care worker and union member dedicated to community. He is the founder of Pink Thursday, Anti-bullying awareness initiative.

Arjina Mangat

Director At Large

Arjina Mangat has served as a board member with TCT since 2020 and is a passionate Project and Change Manager with a background in Medicine. Arjina believes in supporting local organizations that provide services and opportunities that foster a positive change within our community.

Rebecca Jackson

Director at Large

Rebecca Jackson is both a Registered Nurse and a lawyer for a BC health authority. She believes in caring for her community.